balayage-hair-colouring-beaconsfieldBalayage and ombré hair services

This is a highly popular hair colour trend that is here to stay!

Highly skilled and trained, these techniques take time to learn, constant training and dedication to ensuring you leave our salon with the look you long for!

There are so many different balayage techniques;

Hair painting, sweeping, foils, mesh, each stylist has a unique bespoke method that they have taken time to perfect. Techniques include graduation of colours, sun kissed tones, blending, subtle or bold.

We will work a fusion of colours together, enhancing and complimenting your skin tone, whilst producing an effortlessly chic multi tonal effect.

Ombré (going)

A graduation on blending three colours seamlessly throughout the lengths of the hair. This is usual carried out by working a variety of depths within the hair, so can result in contrasting or subtle shades.

Goodwell’s gorgeous range of colours, gives you the perfect choice.

Balayage  (sweeping)

An ombré look, with highlights, placement is personalised, depending on look and requirements so we can tailor your look to you.

Looks can be bold and edgy or gently and subtle.

Working with Goldwell’s tremendous colour selection the choice is yours, resulting in beautiful blends of multi dimensional colour.


This is an extremely subtle version of ombré, working with less contrasting colours, but similar depths and varying tones. This works beautifully with Goldwell’s colourance range.


This is more of a look than a technique. Balayage techniques with or without foils, shimmer with alternating tones. Resulting in rich tones that are very subtle without changing depth greatly.

Baby lights/Flamboyage (micro lights)

A more subtle version than balayage. Using fine strokes or ‘weaves’ the highlights are placed around the hairline and the top of the head. Goldwell’s free hand pre-lightener is perfect for this, giving a beautiful natural result.

Hair Condition

This is everything, beautiful shiny glossy hair goes hand in hand with a stunning colour and will showcase both your colour and style perfectly.

Goldwell’s Bond Pro+ is the perfect partner for ensuring you have perfectly conditioned hair. Our team will always recommend this product as we have had great results when using this.

Comprising of a two part treatment, the first part mixes into the colours, whilst the second part is a relaxing spa treatment applied via an indulgent head massage.

Bond Pro+ prevents hair damage and strengthens the hair during the colour /lightening  process, it will protect, revitalise, deeply nourish hair fibres and support the bonds internally. Hair is left looking healthier and feeling glossy.

We will also recommend a home care plan to complete and maintain your new colour, please ask our team for more information.