How to wear beautiful mermaid hair

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Beautiful mermaid hair styles are now a thing!

Beautiful mermaid hair styles are now a thing!

From Aquamarine to Disney’s Ariel, most young girls can admit to having dreamt of sprouting their own scaly tail and sporting a purple-shell bra. However, while we can’t all live under the sea, the House of Klamer can help with creating cool, on-trend mermaid hair looks that your childhood self would be proud of. Heading to a festival this summer? Stand out from the crowd with one of our favourite just-out-of-the-sea hairstyles. Read More

Perfecting the rough blow-dry

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Perfecting the rough blow-dry technique

Perfecting the rough blow-dry technique

The scenario is always the same: the House of Klamer wizards work their magic and have you skipping out of the salon with beautiful bouncing locks; however, come two days later, you can’t seem to recreate that just-out-of-the-salon look at home. Never fear! Although we absolutely love seeing you all for a good catch-up and some hair TLC, we want our customers to feel fabulous all of the time, which is why, in today’s blog, we show you how to create the perfect rough dry at home. Read More

From cute Alice bands to statement tiaras: Why hair accessories are in!

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Get ready for the hair accessory revival this year!

Get ready for the hair accessory revival this year!

Hair accessories are everywhere. From bloggers and celebrities to Coachella and the catwalk, gone are the days of statement pieces being just for beautiful brides. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up an evening ensemble or embellish your look for brunch with the girls, here we give you five reasons to consider a cute hair accessory to complete your look. After all, who said tiaras are just for princesses? Read More

Celebrities that are rocking the side parting this year

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Get the celebrity hair style you wantWith summer just around the corner, it’s no surprise that you might find yourself looking in the mirror and considering a complete style revamp. From dying your locks, to rocking a different hairstyle or trying out a new trend, there are a number of ways to refresh your look; but had you considered the simple solution of moving your parting from the centre to the side? Often underestimated, the positioning of your parting has the potential to change your face entirely, and do you want to know the best part? It’s completely reversible, meaning you can change your mind without any hassle. Here, we look to the hottest events of the season for the ultimate side parting inspiration. Read More

Perfecting the ‘lob’ for an effortlessly cool look

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Perfecting the lob hairstyle in Beaconsfield

Would a lob hairstyle suit you

If you’ve not heard of a ‘lob’ before, it is essentially a long bob. In fact, it’s kind of the cooler older sister of the bob, as you can pretty much let it do its own thing. The beauty of a lob is that it loves being messed up with some styling mousse and pulled to the side for an effortless, tousled effect, or having definition added with gorgeous highlights or balayage.

It can also be parted in the middle and textured with gentle waves, or just worn straight. Basically, however you style your lob, it looks cool. In the past year or so, A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Rachel McAdams, Kate Mara and Cara Delevingne have all perfected the look. Read More

Our favourite looks from the 2017 Oscars

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Hair styles from the Oscars

Hair styles from the Oscars

We love everything about the Oscars: the red carpet bursting with glamourous A-listers in designer gowns; the gorgeous hair and makeup; and the drama of the awards ceremony (this year’s mix-up between La La Land and Moonlight for ‘Best Picture’ surely tops the charts in this department!). Each year, the stunning stars of the year’s most successful films grace the red carpet with exciting hairstyles that quickly set the fashion world on fire. So, here are a few of our favourites. You never know, they might inspire you to make a change! Read More

Five tips for keeping your new hair colour vibrant

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Keep coloured hair healthy for longer with our Beaconsfield salon

Keep coloured hair healthy for longer

We all love the feeling of walking out the salon after having our hair dyed. The colour is bold, bright and rich, with no sign of troublesome roots (unless, of course, that’s the look we’re going for!). Whether you’ve stuck with a gorgeous natural look or opted for a completely new colour (such as platinum blonde with a hint of lavender), taking good care of your hair is essential to keeping the colour vibrant. So, with this in mind, here are five tips for maintaining your newly-coloured hair so that it looks beautiful and healthy. Read More

Going platinum without the damage

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Ready to go platinum? Platinum hair colour in Beaconsfield

Ready to go platinum?

We probably all know someone who has had platinum blonde hair at some point in their life. Maybe it was you! From rockstars who have added a pastel tint to the tips of their new white locks to A-listers whose hair is like strands of silver, there is something effortlessly cool about going platinum. Often, though, people rush into going platinum with a self-dye pack of bleach and end up damaging their hair. Whatever look you’re going for, getting your hair professionally dyed is always the best option, as your hairdresser knows exactly what products to use for the best results, and can help you keep your hair in good condition.

With this in mind, here are some tips on going platinum blonde without damaging your hair. Read More

It’s all about the parting plait this month (and we love it!)

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The plait is seeing a revival, don't miss outIntroducing the parting plait

Half cornrow and half French plait, this on-trend look has been turning heads across red carpets and Instagram feeds the world over. Fresh, easy and versatile, the parting plait can be worn in a number of ways to suit your unique, personal style. From the more chic, tiny plait to the full-blown unicorn (a look-at-me, voluminous braid that sits on top of the crown), style it out with boho messy curls for a laid-back festival look, or go neat and sleek for a night on the town.

Top tip: While this style can be adapted to suit anybody, oval-faced beauties are in for a treat. The parting plait will naturally complement your narrow jawline, adding a subtle, symmetrical touch to your look. Read More

To fringe or not to fringe?

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Growing a fringe requires dedicationThe dilemma

When it comes to the mantra of ‘new year, new style’ nothing demands attention more than a cheekbone-defining and volumising fringe. And, besides, when the likes of Alexa Chung, Emma Stone and Kate Moss wear theirs with such effortless cool, it’s no surprise that we all want in.

Generally, there are three types of fringe to choose from: the side fringe, the brow-skimming fringe (which can be styled either full or soft) and the statement-short bangs. So whether you’re looking to make a statement, hide those pesky fine lines or simply fancy a change of look, there is a fringe for you. Read More