How to keep ‘hat hair’ at bay

How to keep ‘hat hair’ at bay

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Do you have a beanie that you just love, but that makes your hair go flat or static every time you wear it? You, friend, have become a victim of the dreaded ‘hat hair’ – a pesky phenomenon that seems to be dead set on ruining every chic winter look that you attempt. But worry not: we have plenty of tips for keeping hat hair at bay so that you can avoid the fuzzy beanie aftermath and wear your effortlessly cool or lovely snuggly hat all winter long. Read More

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Our new year hair resolutions

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Right. A new year. Time to get back into a good routine and focus on making every part of us feel happy and healthy. Starting with our hair! The start of a new year is a perfect time to reset and rethink our haircare routine. Party season is over and we can really concentrate on being good to our locks – whether that’s treating them to a moisturising mask every week or spending more time washing, drying and styling them. Here are just some of our new year hair resolutions for 2018 (feel free to follow them with us or, of course, to make up your own!). Read More

New Year's Eve hair styles: Your guide to amazing looks this party season

Amazing hairstyles to rock this New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is by far our favourite party night of the year. We love getting dressed up in a sparkly outfit, drinking some fizz and having a boogie with the girls. And we always have great fun trying out new hairdos in the lead-up so that we choose the perfect style for the big night. This New Year’s Eve is going to be all about braids, updos and glitzy accessories (yay!), so we’ve put together a few amazing hairstyles that will make sure you look the part. Read More

Hair protection essentials - Protecting your hair style in Winter weather

Protecting your hair from the winter weather

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Brrr, is it cold enough for you? We think it’s safe to say that winter is well and truly here! On that note, we don’t know about you, but we always have an idyllic image of ourselves during winter – snuggled up in a cosy knitted jumper, standing by a snowy window with our hands wrapped round a cup of tea, with gorgeously shiny hair falling effortlessly around our shoulders. The winter weather always has something to say about that last part though! If it’s not the blasts of cold air causing havoc with our hair, it’s the central heating and knitted hats causing split ends, frizz and dryness. Thankfully, we are experts in protecting hair from the winter weather, so you can still achieve those gloriously silky winter locks! Here’s how. Read More

The latest hair style trends: Your essential guide to hair ribbons

Think hair ribbons are too schoolgirl? Think again!

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Unless you’re channelling your inner Britney Spears circa 1998, you may have previously chosen to steer clear of hair ribbons, perhaps thinking you’ll look too much like a schoolgirl. But this underrated accessory has been given a new lease of life in recent years, moving away from the realms of classrooms and school uniforms and becoming a chic and elegant addition to low ponytails, high buns and half-up half-down styles. This schoolgirl staple has come of age and is a classy accessory for everything from the boardroom to the red carpet. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s wearing it and how you can ace the look! Read More

Hair style essentials: Tips for curly hair & avoiding the fluffy look

How to avoid fluffy hair

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Ladies with curly hair: how many times has a straight-haired friend turned to you and said, ‘I wish I had curly hair – you’re so lucky’? And how many times have you replied, ‘Believe me, you don’t’. A lot, right? While curly hair looks beautiful, we know that it does come with its problems – not least the curse of fluffy hair! From frizz to flyaways, fluffy hair causes havoc for many of us (including people with straight hair on occasion). So, if you suffer from hair that you sometimes worry could give people a static shock, here are a few tips to tame it. Read More

Bob hair style in Beaconsfield

Long live the bob

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The past few years have seen short haircuts take the celebrity world by storm. From Carey Mulligan, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone to Bella Hadid, Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, some of our favourite stars have rocked the bob. Whether it’s ruffled for an effortless just-out-of-bed look, or sleek, straight and sexy, we just keep coming back to this timeless classic. So, this got us thinking: why exactly do we love the bob haircut so much? Read More

Buzz cut hair styles for women in Beaconsfield

Celebrities that are rocking the buzz cut

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It’s daring, bold and takes a long time to grow back if you don’t like it. The buzz cut was probably one of the hottest looks on the red carpet this year. It’s not for everyone, but for those who attempt it the results can be truly stunning! As it removes all framing for your face, it can be beautifully complementary for people with strong jawlines and big eyes. With smoky eyes and a slick of lipstick, this is one sensational look for you to steal from the stars.

So, who’s caught our eye with their blonde buzz cut? Here are just a few of our favourites. Read More

Make sure you have the right hair products at all times

Hair style tips & trends – how to get beautifully styled, healthy hair

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When you walk down the haircare aisle in your local cosmetics shop, it can sometimes seem like there is an endless array of products available, each of which claims to be essential for beautifully styled and healthy hair. While a well-stocked bathroom with the latest haircare products is great, it is important to have the basics in place first. With this in mind, we have come up with the five items that are essential to strong, healthy and beautifully glossy hair.

Shampoo that suits your hair type

Many consumers see shampoo as one of the most basic items in a daily haircare routine. But if not used properly it can actually be a big cause of damage. That’s why it is important that you find a shampoo that’s suited to your hair type (fine, thick, greasy, dry, etc.) and that you follow advice on how often you should be washing it. Your hair will not necessarily need to be washed every day – sometimes a soap-free rinse or a touch of conditioner is enough. Read More

Rainbow hair colour styling in Beaconsfield

Essential hair colour guide – hidden rainbow hair to suit your skin tone

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We’re not ready to leave the colours and sparkles of festival season behind us just yet, so, instead, we’re going to keep talking about cute, quirky festival hairstyles that continue to make us smile. We’ve already blogged about mermaid hair, and now we want to chat about a hairstyle that we think is truly magical and utterly inspired – hidden rainbow hair. Pics of the ‘plain on top but fairylike underneath’ style were all over our Instagram last year, and we’re still obsessed with it. Vibrant rainbow colours are applied to layers of hair that are usually hidden when the hair is worn down, so that, when you have work or need to keep the colours hidden, your hair looks its normal colour. Then you tie it up and it’s party time! Read More