Essential hair colour guide – hidden rainbow hair to suit your skin tone

We’re not ready to leave the colours and sparkles of festival season behind us just yet, so, instead, we’re going to keep talking about cute, quirky festival hairstyles that continue to make us smile. We’ve already blogged about mermaid hair, and now we want to chat about a hairstyle that we think is truly magical and utterly inspired – hidden rainbow hair. Pics of the ‘plain on top but fairylike underneath’ style were all over our Instagram last year, and we’re still obsessed with it. Vibrant rainbow colours are applied to layers of hair that are usually hidden when the hair is worn down, so that, when you have work or need to keep the colours hidden, your hair looks its normal colour. Then you tie it up and it’s party time!

Rainbow hair colour styling in BeaconsfieldVibrant jewel tones or enchanting pastels

The thing we love most about hidden rainbow hair is that there are no rules. It’s all about bringing out your own creativity and style. While some people opt for straightforward rainbow stripes on the bottom layer of hair, others have gone for beautiful blended mermaid colours (silvers, purples, blues and greens) that poke out when they run a hand through their hair. We’ve even see rainbow colours applied just to the roots so that people will really short hair can mousse it up at night and reveal their inner magical party animal!

What colours should you choose?

The style you go for is completely up to you. It might be that you want a colour scheme that will complement your skin tone and natural hair colour, or that you want to go all out with a statement style that is all about being as bold as possible. If you do decide that you want to match your colour to your skin tone, then here is some basic advice about what to choose:

  • For fair skin with warm undertones, choose pastels like lavender and light blue.
  • For fair skin with cool undertones, go for light pinks and delicate oranges.
  • For medium skin with warm undertones, try bright jewel blues and greens.
  • For medium skin with cool undertones, opt for full-on rainbow colours.
  • For dark skin with warm undertones, consider rich hues like ruby-red and plum.
  • For dark skin with cool undertones, choose a blend of vibrant purples and violets.

Here at the House of Klamer, we love experimenting with quirky new styles like hidden rainbow hair that make you feel amazing. To book an appointment, just contact us today.

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