Perfecting the ‘lob’ for an effortlessly cool look

If you’ve not heard of a ‘lob’ before, it is essentially a long bob. In fact, it’s kind of the cooler older sister of the bob, as you can pretty much let it do its own thing. The beauty of a lob is that it loves being messed up with some styling mousse and pulled to the side for an effortless, tousled effect, or having definition added with gorgeous highlights or balayage.

It can also be parted in the middle and textured with gentle waves, or just worn straight. Basically, however you style your lob, it looks cool. In the past year or so, A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Rachel McAdams, Kate Mara and Cara Delevingne have all perfected the look.

Perfecting the lob hairstyle in Beaconsfield

Would a lob hairstyle suit you

Getting the perfect lob cut

The lob is one of those styles that can be chopped and changed to suit your own style, as well as your individual face shape. If the idea of cutting your hair beyond your shoulders fills you with dread, for example, just ask your hairdresser to keep a bit of length so that the hair sits on your collar bone. If you’re happy to go a bit shorter, your hairdresser can cut the lob so that the hair just skims your shoulders. Most lobs are a bit longer at the front, while the back part is subtly textured and layered to enhance volume and bounce. Of course, this will depend on the natural thickness of your hair and the effect you want to achieve.

If we look at the kinds of people who are rocking this look at the moment, it’s clear that the lob is a haircut for all face shapes. People like Jennifer Lawrence, for example, who have round face shapes, benefit from lobs that stop at the collar bone to elongate the neck, and have choppy, textured side-fringes to add a slimming shape to the face. Women like Natalie Portman, who have square faces and strong jaws, might prefer a longer, more feathered lob, worn in a slight side parting, to soften the jawline. For people with heart-shaped faces, like Ciara, a layered bob with natural, gentle waves (without too much volume at the crown) helps to soften the face shape and draw attention away from the wideness of the forehead.

Here at the House of Klamer, we love helping our clients create the perfect lob cut for an effortlessly cool look, and can show you some quick ways to make it look gorgeous every day.

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