Three quick ways to add volume to fine hair

Do you look at people with bouncy, luscious locks and wish that yours looked the same? If you have fine hair, you’ll probably have experienced the hardship of trying to achieve any sort of volume. More often than not, the usual volumising tricks don’t work on us fine-haired folk – holding volume in place with hairspray just makes the strands go crispy and look greasy, while backcombing from the roots can result in the dreaded dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards look! We know that fine hair can be frustrating, but, with our three quick tips, you’ll be able to achieve gorgeous, volumised hair in seconds – perfect for a quick fix before a night out with the girls, or to add a spring to your step before an important day at work.

Adding volume to fine hair in Beaconsfield

Do you dare to go BIG with your hair?

Dry fine hair upside-down

Blow-drying your hair is a great way to add volume and achieve a silky finish, but people with fine hair have to be extra careful. Too much heat can burn the hair, and over-brushing with a rounded brush can actually cause it to go limper. The best option for fine hair is to rough dry it until it is nearly dry, using just your hands and the dryer. Keep it on either the cool or medium-heat setting. Then, flip your head upside-down and focus on getting heat into the roots. Finally, when it is completely dry, you can start to style it with the brush.

Mist, spray and blow-dry

There’s nothing more annoying than looking in the mirror when you’re about to leave the house and noticing that your hair has gone limp and lifeless. A great quick-fix for this is to have a spray bottle filled with water available, and mist the water over your hair. Then apply a root spray, and give your hair a tousle until it is nearly dry. Grab your dryer and brush, and just style the top layers of the hair so that they look smooth and full of life. Finish with an upside-down shake of the head, and a spritz of hairspray, and you’ll be good to go!

Whip out the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a miracle-worker for people with fine hair. Carry a bottle in your bag while you’re at work or out with friends, and, if you notice your hair falling flat, give it a quick spray and a ruffle with your hands, flipping it upside-down for a bit of effortless volume.

Here at the House of Klamer, we can advise you on making sure your fine hair always looks volumised and healthy. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our experts.

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