Should you straighten your hair with straighteners or a blow-dryer?

By 24th August 2017Hair Styles, Hair Tips

We all use heat to style our hair. It helps us achieve volume, shape and a silky-smooth finish. But we know that heat can cause damage, dryness and breakage, if not used correctly. So, if you have wavy or curly hair that you like to wear straight, or you sometimes need to tidy up your hair after sleeping on it or getting caught in the rain, then how can you keep it looking straight and glossy without the damage? You may be tempted to opt for straighteners as they are quick and easy to use, but, here at the House of Klamer, we prefer our clients to use a blow-dryer. Here are some tips to help you straighten your hair and keep it healthy.

How do you straighten your hair?

How do you straighten your hair?

Move the heat around

One of the biggest causes of damage to hair is keeping the heat in one spot, like you would with straighteners, as this intense heat can burn the hair. With a blow-dryer, the heat is not applied directly to one area, but rather is constantly moved around, which reduces any risk of singeing the hair. You can achieve just as straight and sleek a finish with a rounded brush and a blow-dryer as you can with straighteners – you can even form curls and waves!

Protecting the hair from heat damage

Whether you are using straighteners or a blow-dryer, you must still protect your hair from the heat. If you have just washed your hair, make sure it is completely dry before you style it – particularly if you have fine hair. Water heats up very fast, so, if your hair is still slightly damp and you use straighteners or start styling with a brush and dryer, your hair could burn. Before you apply any heat, you should always use a heat protection spray. In terms of the level of heat you use, this depends on the thickness and condition of your hair – if you have thick, healthy hair, then you can afford to use a higher heat; if you have fine or damaged hair, you should always use a low or medium setting, as your hair could burn if too high a heat is applied.
So, there you have it: just some of the ways you can make your hair look beautiful and straight without damaging it in the process.

Here at the House of Klamer, we can advise you on the safest way to straighten your hair to keep it healthy and glossy. Contact us today to find out more or to book an appointment.

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