Everyone feels fabulous with a great Blowdry!!!

Styling, blowdry and dressing is everything about looking good and feeling amazing.

Movement is hugely popular with a wide variety of different looks.

We have designed a blowdry menu, helping you distinguish all the looks available ;


Simple and elegantly chic our signature blowdry for Beaconsfield volume with a bouncy elegant soft curl, either with a brush or velcro rollers and a volumising product. Ideal for a glamour occasion or just a fabulous look.


From wedding hair to party hair, we can create beautifully classical to modern textured look. Tailor-made to suit your individual needs, stylist will request a idea of your outfit and style to work the perfect look for you. Extra accessories and hair pieces we are happy to add, with lots of quick dry spray, ensuring you look holds all day and night.

The Beaconsfield Bounce hair style exclusive from House of Klamer

The Beaconsfield Bounce exclusively from House of Klamer

Hollywood waves hair styling from House of Klamer in Beaconsfield


Taking the principle of finger waving technique and adding a modern twist. Long hair is pin curled with a wand, left to cooled down and brushed out with a soft bristle brush and Morrocan oil  applied. Ideal for a glamours event or night out.

Beach waves hair styling from House of Klamer in Beaconsfield


Using GHD’s, tongs or a wand. Hair is wrap dried creating small amount of volume in the roots. Ends are smoothed with a brush. Using large sections with the chosen heat tool, and winding off the base, hair is wrapped around the tool leaving the ends loose. Hair is sprayed with Redken’s fashion waves and pulled out with the fingers. Ideal for all day events and a casual look.

Classic curls hair styling from House of Klamer in Beaconsfield


A classical curl look, either with tongs, wand or a brush. Uniformed even curls in a structured format. Ideal for a really curly look.

Smooth and sleek hair styling from House of Klamer in Beaconsfield


With or without volume the option is yours, this Blowdry keeps the hair smooth and straight, glossy and shiny. Ideal for any occasion and always in fashion.