How to wear beautiful mermaid hair

From Aquamarine to Disney’s Ariel, most young girls can admit to having dreamt of sprouting their own scaly tail and sporting a purple-shell bra. However, while we can’t all live under the sea, the House of Klamer can help with creating cool, on-trend mermaid hair looks that your childhood self would be proud of. Heading to a festival this summer? Stand out from the crowd with one of our favourite just-out-of-the-sea hairstyles.

Beautiful mermaid hair styles are now a thing!

Beautiful mermaid hair styles are now a thing!

Fishtail plait

Easier than it looks, not only is the fishtail festival-fancy, but also red-carpet ready. From Selena Gomez to Blake Lively, to say this nifty mermaid-inspired plait has the celebrity nod of approval would be an understatement. So how do you get yours? First, divide your hair into two even sections; then, take a small section from under the right side and pull it over to join the left side. Next, repeat with the left side, and so on. When you are done, secure with a hair tie at the end – Voila!

While, generally, the rule is ‘the smaller the sections the more intricate the plait’, we also love the messy, fuller look. Have you recently had ombre colour put in here at the House of Klamer? Then we say the fishtail is your summer go-to, as this style definitely looks even more fabulous on highlighted hair.

Beach waves

You know the ones – the effortless not-quite-ringlets that cascade down as though twisted round a candy stick. Achieve this look by adding salt spray (yes, you can make your own!) to damp, towel-dried hair, finishing off with a mousse or lotion for that added texture. Alternatively, pop into the salon and let one of our friendly team give you a helping hand – this one’s a little tricky to get Instagram-perfect!

Rainbow colour radiance

Dying your hair a kaleidoscope of mermaid-inspired colours is a complex procedure, and one perhaps best left to the experts. Whether you’re feeling bold and bright or thinking of going for a softer, pastel hue, our friendly team can help you look as sensational as the likes of Pixie Lott, Hilary Duff and Bella Hadid, who have all daringly experimented with their hair colour at one time or another.

Shell hair accessories

Another, perhaps more subtle, option is to get hold of some lovely, sea-inspired accessories. From small, starfish hair clips to cute bobby pins with shells on the end, the easiest way to channel your inner mermaid is by sprucing up your hair style with beautiful and tiny thematic details.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact and talk to our friendly team about how we can make your summer hair all about the sea.

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