Are deep conditioning treatments a good idea?

Frizzy, fluffy and fly-away. These terms pretty much sum up winter hair. Cold winds, central heating and constant blow drying can leave your locks dehydrated and in need of some serious TLC. Deep conditioning is an essential part of ensuring your hair stays strong and soft. We all need a pick-me-up sometimes and that’s exactly what a deep condition does – think of it as a manicure for your hair! Here are a few tips to rejuvenate your locks.

Hair treatment experts: everything you need to know about deep conditioningLove your ends!

With little moisture making its way to the ends of your hair during winter, they can get very dry. If you blow dry your hair every day, the ends are more prone to heat damage. Make sure you focus on them before making your way up towards the roots (although only condition up to two inches from the roots!). This ensures that the most brittle part of your hair gets plenty of love.

Get steamy

Once you have applied your treatment, leave it to soak in. Wrap a warm damp towel around your head and leave your hair to get steamy for 10 minutes. This will open up your hair cuticles ready to absorb all that moisture. Then wash the treatment out and finish with a rinse of cold water to close the cuticles. This locks all that beautiful softness in your hair.

Don’t over-moisturise

Your hair will be grateful for a long moisturising session if it feels dry and weak. So, by all means load up the deep conditioning treatment and soothe as much of your hair as you feel needs it. Be careful of leaving it in for too long. Your hair can only drink so much! Always remember to follow the instructions and be sensitive to the needs of your hair.

Maintaining that silky feeling

If a deep condition is your hair’s manicure then moisturising oils are the hand creams of the hair world. In between deep conditioning treatments, you can still treat your hair to some oils. Simply massage them through your locks and wash them out again. Doing this will keep your hair strong and silky in between those much-heeded deep conditioning sessions.

Tasty and simple DIY

You can easily make your own deep conditioning hair mask at home. Simple mixes include ingredients such as avocado, honey, and Greek yoghurt. While your hair is remedying itselfou can snack on the leftover avocado! Simple and delicious. Or, for a truly luxurious pamper, pop into your local salon for a deep conditioning treatment.

Here at the House of Klamer, we’ll help you love your locks. Our stylists can advise you on the most suitable treatments for your hair. Contact us today to find out more or book an appointment.

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