Have frequent colour changes damaged your hair?

We love it when people experiment with their colour. Sometimes we have clients who seem to have a different colour every time they come into the salon – whether they’re going for styles that offer funky colours, like rainbow hair, or more natural tones, like balayage. Sadly, there’s a bit of work that comes with constantly changing your hair colour (we know, nature is such a party pooper). If you’re not careful, you can end up with damaged, lacklustre hair instead of vibrant, glossy locks. Thankfully, our stylists are on hand to make sure your hair gets the TLC it needs – whether you’re done with colouring or are still very much on it!

Get moisturising

Has the frequent colour changing of your hair caused damage?Moisture is dry hair’s best friend. So, when your hair shows signs of damage due to constant colour changes, you need to apply some moisture. Make sure you condition your hair with each wash. While the conditioner is soaking in, turn off your shower for a couple of minutes and gently comb your hair – starting from the roots and working your way up. And, as an extra treat for your locks, massage the conditioner in before washing it out (it’s a treat for you too, as it feels nice!). As well as this, you could use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give your thirsty hair a real boost of moisture between colours or as it recovers.

Do you really need to colour it again?

To help with reducing damage, try to be a bit economical about how regularly you dye your hair. Yes, we know that this can be difficult when there’s a new trend you really want to try, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run – by holding out a bit so that your locks can recover, your colour will look even more amazing and shiny when you eventually apply it. If you have your hair coloured professionally, your stylist will be able to advise you on whether your hair’s ready for a new colour; and, if it’s not, they can help you speed up the process to make your hair healthy enough for another colour!

Constant lightening can be damaging

One of the biggest culprits for split ends and dry hair is bleach. If not applied professionally and looked after properly, bleached hair can soon become brittle. If you have dark roots, it can be tempting to keep applying bleach so that you maintain the beautiful blonde tones all over, but constantly lightening your hair can really chip away at its strength. Why not try a gentler style like balayage, where you can get the lightness you want, without having to think about your roots? There are often options if you want to find a less-damaging colouring routine for your hair.

Our expert stylists would love to give your hair some TLC if it’s feeling brittle from constant dyeing. Contact us at the House of Klamer today to find our more and book a consultation.

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