How often should you wash your hair?

We all know someone who has perfectly glossy, clean hair that falls lusciously onto their shoulders, but who, when asked how often they wash their hair, says ‘Oh, about once a week’. ‘How can that be so?’ we ponder, as we think about how greasy our hair gets after just one day of not being washed. The truth is that there really is no golden rule about how often you should lather up: it fully depends on your own hair, and what products you use on it. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips on knowing how long to go between washes.

How often do you wash your hair?

How often do you wash your hair?

The thicker your hair, the less you need to wash it

Generally, the reason that girl with beautifully sleek hair gets away with hardly ever washing it is because her hair is thick. The thicker your hair, the less oily it gets – and, so, the less it needs to be washed (shampooing removes excess oil from your hair). People with thick hair may well only need to wash it once a week, while someone with thin, oily hair may find that a daily wash is necessary. On average, people with ‘normal’ hair (not overly thick, thin, dry or oily) tend to wash their hair every 2–3 days. We think the best way to avoid over-washing is to not just grab the shampoo for the sake of it every time you shower – if you think your hair actually needs washing, then go for it; otherwise, hold off until it starts to get greasy.

Washing hair that is both dry and oily

If your hair is fairly fine, then you may find that it gets greasy as quickly as one day after a wash. This probably means you tend to wash it every day, or have to leave the house with greasy hair every other day. There is a risk of over-washing your hair if you shampoo it daily, as this removes the natural oils and leaves it dry. Saying this, if you use a mild shampoo with no sulphates, silicones, oils or conditioning agents, and resist using a blow dryer or heated tongs, then you should be able to stop it from drying out. Some people alternate between full and conditioner-only rinses as a substitute for daily washes, but we think a better option is to use dry shampoo on in-between days, as conditioning adds extra oils to your hair.

Here at the House of Klamer, our experienced team has styled just about every hair type there is. So, when you come in for an appointment, we’ll be happy to offer you professional advice on how often your hair needs to be washed. Contact us today to get booked in.

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