How to keep ‘hat hair’ at bay

By 10th January 2018Hair Tips, Latest News

Do you have a beanie that you just love, but that makes your hair go flat or static every time you wear it? You, friend, have become a victim of the dreaded ‘hat hair’ – a pesky phenomenon that seems to be dead set on ruining every chic winter look that you attempt. But worry not: we have plenty of tips for keeping hat hair at bay so that you can avoid the fuzzy beanie aftermath and wear your effortlessly cool or lovely snuggly hat all winter long.

How to keep ‘hat hair’ at bayDry your hair before putting on your hat

When you put a hat onto wet hair without styling it first, the hair dries to the shape of the hat. So, when you take it off, it’s frizzy and full of kinks. You should always try to dry your hair before going out into the cold or putting on a hat – even if it’s just a quick rough dry.

Reduce static

Hats can increase static, so managing the amount of static in your hair before putting the hat on will be a big help. You can do this by limiting the amount of heat you use on your hair, as well as applying some moisturising leave-in conditioner or a static control spray.

Style your hair for your beanie

It can be super irritating when you’ve styled your hair and then it’s been ruined by your beanie. But, if you know you’re going to need to wear your hat, there are plenty of styles that you can choose from that work well with a beanie – from textured and intentionally messy low buns and loose braids to low ponytails, tousled bobs and natural curls.

Choose your hat carefully

There are some materials that are prone to creating hat hair, like wool. When you’re choosing your hat, go for materials like fleece or cotton, or a hat with a silk or satin lining, as this will help to keep frizz at bay.

Long live the bun!

If you’ve got to work or met up with your friends and realised that, despite your best efforts, you’ve still ended up with hat hair, you can always add some volume back into your hair by twirling it into a bun. When you let your hair loose, it should be smoother and bouncier.

Here at the House of Klamer, our stylists are happy to provide you with tips for keeping your hair frizz-free and smooth. Contact us today to find out more or to book an appointment.

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