Our new year hair resolutions

By 3rd January 2018Hair Styles, Hair Tips

Right. A new year. Time to get back into a good routine and focus on making every part of us feel happy and healthy. Starting with our hair! The start of a new year is a perfect time to reset and rethink our haircare routine. Party season is over and we can really concentrate on being good to our locks – whether that’s treating them to a moisturising mask every week or spending more time washing, drying and styling them. Here are just some of our new year hair resolutions for 2018 (feel free to follow them with us or, of course, to make up your own!).

The 2018 Hair Guide: how to keep your hair looking great | House of KlamerGet to know what your hair needs

Everyone’s hair is different, and your haircare routine should be unique to you. For 2018, why not spend time working out the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, as well as how often you should be washing your hair, and what type of products to use on it while styling? Once you know what type of haircare is best for your locks, decide on your weekly haircare routine to keep them as bright and soft as possible. If you find that your hair is getting greasy easily, or is particularly dry, then tweak your routine or products to suit.

Give your hair a regular treat

Moisturising hair masks are not just a luxurious treat. They are amazingly beneficial for your hair and should be part of your regular haircare routine – especially if your hair gets dry or brittle easily. Depending on your hair type, we think it’s fine to use a hair mask once a week. Simply apply the mask, comb it through gently, relax for 15 minutes and then wash it off!

Commit to regular trims

We’re all guilty of going too long between trims. Life just seems to get in the way! Before you know it, your lovely shoulder-length hair is down below your collar bone, and any shaping is practically non-existent. This year, try to commit to regular trims to keep your hair as smooth, bouncy and healthy as the day you got it cut into your chosen style. We always recommend a trim every six weeks or so. To help you remember to go regularly, you could simply book your next appointment with your favourite stylist while you’re still at the salon.

Fancy getting one of your new year hair resolutions in the bag? Book an appointment with a House of Klamer stylist today to start 2018 with beautiful hair. Contact us to find out more.

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