Perfection – Beauty Treatments

Perfection is a creation of Sophie Schulz OUR AIM, simply to provide an individual service, leaving you looking, and feeling younger and fabulous.

Working inside the hub of the House of Klamer, perfection is located conveniently in a quiet spot, easily accessible for a private appointment or a combination appointment with one of the stylist.

Perfection offers a variety of beauty treatments, and the famous CACI services. Sophie Schulz, a creative person with a passion for beauty and a love for all things perfect, Sophie’s passion evolved from early teens, driving her to achieve a variety of qualifications in beauty, manicure, pedicure and non-surgical facelifts.

Trained by CACI, (non surgical facelifts) was the beginning of a journey for Sophie. Her passion grew as her knowledge expanded, and today her passion is as strong as ever.

Sophie’s highly trained eye allows her to create an exceptional individual look, recommending and advising is part of the service CACI is Sophie’s biggest passion, when asked why , she explains, “transforming a clients look, is very exciting, and seeing clients confident grow as they see a tighter firm looking face, is my pleasure’

CACI Non surgical facelift

CACI is an electrical facial, using a microcurrent which truly delivers visible and corrective results without the need for surgery. CACI uses probes to painlessly and gently lift, tighten and tone the facial muscles whilst smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can be targeted in one particular area or all over the face to create a natural looking lift.

CACI with Jowl lift 1 hour 15 minutes- £62
This facial particularly targets sagging muscles around the jawline in addition to the rest of the face including cheeks and eyes for an ultimate lift.

Super CACI 1 hour 30 minutes- £69
Double the lifting action for enhanced results working the muscles around the whole of the face. The super CACI allows extra time for the ‘quick stroke’movements which are very beneficial for the ultimate lift.

CACI Ultimate 1 hour 30 minutes- £82
This facial is the full works! It uses all the CACI Ultimate add on features to create a brighter, firmer complexion. It includes microdermabrasion, CACI lifting facial, CACI’s wrinkle revolution which instantly firms fine lines and wrinkles, and finishes with a Hyrdo tone facial mask to cool and hydrate the skin.  A truly ULTIMATE experience!

CACI Jowl lift 20 minutes- £33
This facial uses the new quad probe applicators designed to double the lifting action thereby enhancing results around the jawline

CACI Eyelift 20 minutes- £37
This focuses on the eyes only to help open up the eyes and reduce fine lines around the eyes and forehead. This is great for crow’s feet and frown lines.

CACI free Microdermabrasion 30 minutes- £42
The orbital head performs a progressive and controlled skin exfoliation, removing imperfections and impurities. By removing the superficial layers of skin, the complexion is left clearer, smoother and more youthful looking. Results are visible after just one treatment.

CACI Wrinkle comb 20 minutes- £22
CACI Wrinkle Comb is a needle-free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers. This treatment is great for around the eyes and frown lines. It is pain free and results can be seen after 1 treatment!

CACI lip plump 10 minutes- £13
CACI lip plump uses the wrinkle comb device to create an instant plump to the upper lip, a pain- free way to subtle fuller lips.

CND Nails
CND is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty. CND shellac is the worlds most popular gel polish with its 14+ days of high performance wear, stunning crystal shine, no nail damage and zero drying time.
Vinylux from CND is a breakthrough weekly polish which allows you to enjoy a week of fabulous nails with no chips or cracks without the use of a basecoat. While ordinary polishes break down over time, Vinylux becomes more durable thanks to the patent pending ProLight technology.

CND Vinylux nail paint 15 minutes- £10
Just an application of CND Vinylux nail polish. Please arrive with no varnish on.

CND Vinylux file and paint 30 minutes- £17
Cut and file of the nails then an application of CND Vinylux nail polish.

CND Vinylux manicure 45 minutes- £29
Cuticle work, cut and file of the nails, application of CND Spa hand and foot rich moisturising lotion.

CND Vinylux pedicure 1 hour- £35
CND Spa purifying foot soak, hard skin removal, CND Spa foot scrub, cuticle work, cut and file of the nails, foot massage using CND Spa foot rich moisturising lotion, application of CND Vinylux nail polish.

CND Shellac hands 1 hour- £35
Cuticle work, cut and file of the nails, application of CND shellac gel polish, application of CND Solar oil nail conditioner.

CND Shellac feet 1 hour- £35
Cuticle work, cut and file of the nails, application of CND Shellac gel polish, application of CND Solar oil nail conditioner

CND Shellac gel and go 30 minutes- £26
Long lasting gels but less time! Just an application of CND Shellac gels to the hands or feet. Please arrive will nails filed to your desired shape.

Gel Removal 30 minutes- £10
soak off of CND Shellac gels, cut and file of the nails, application of CND Solar oil nail conditioner.
French polish 15 minute add on- £5
Nail art- timings and pricing differ per design
(disposable flip flops are available for an additional £1)

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting enhances your natural hairs with results lasting up to 6 weeks. This treatment is great for busy and sporty lifestyles, people who are sensitive to pencils and mascara, and those hot summer holidays! It gives brows shape and definition and the appearance of fuller brows. Tinting enhances your natural lashes which appear fuller and longer with a get up and go result!

*Patch test is compulsory 24 hours prior to treatment
Eyebrow tint 15 minutes- £9
Eyelash tint 30 minutes- £17
Eyelash and Eyebrow tint 30 minutes- £22
Eyebrow tint and wax 30 minutes- £15


Eyebrow wax 15 minutes – £11

Upper lip wax 15 minutes – £11

Chin wax 15 minutes – £13

Upper lip and Chin wax 30 minutes – £20

Half leg wax 30 minutes – £18

3/4 leg wax 40 minutes – £23

Full leg wax 50 minutes – £27

Standard bikini line wax 20 minutes – £14

Full leg and standard bikini line wax 1 hour – £30

Extended bikini line wax 30 minutes – £18

Underarm wax 20 minutes – £12

Forearm wax 20 minutes – £16

Full arm wax 30 minutes – £23

Chest wax 30 minutes – £28

Back wax 30 minutes – £27

Small extra patches 10 minutes – £7